Working in the hotel (2) – Kolay Gelsin – working with joy



In the first part of this serie about my time in a small turkish hotel I described my personal highlights of this period. This article focus. Today it’s about the attitude that I have tried to incorporate into my daily work.

My dear colleague D. has told me about a Turkish proverb. Kolay Gelsin – literally translated as “May it come easily.” In everyday life, this would mean something like “Keep up the good Work”. However this saying encouraged me to let the work come easy. Besides enjoying working this means for me to get into a certain workflow, where one job goes smoothly and logically to the next.

And they were there, the many beautiful moments. Not only to the activities, which I had the opportunity to accompany, but also in the hotel at the front desk, when there was just a good mood. And even with not so great activities – such as creating the transfer or cleaning lists, I came quite often in a certain flow, because I also wanted that all the guests were picked up at the right time and their rooms were ready on time. The thought of the results can therefore also provide quite joyful moments.

The ability to find joy in your work – and here especially in the service sector, and even more in tourism, is – I believe – a “stone”, which kills severals birds at a time. At first it is just a better feeling which makes you secondly more credible towards guests. When I go to work and I really like to take care of my guests, the result will be even better. And thirdly, that makes the guests more satisfied and that’s the point in the end. The circle is then closed by the fact that satisfied customers give positive feedback, and not just the staff is happy, but also the management, because regular guests bring good money with little marketing effort.

Often I have succeeded well, and the feedback from guests and colleagues have confirmed me with that. Unfortunately, there was in the hotel apart from all the good mood – not just according to my perception – a culture of grumping and moaning, characterized by low appreciation and many conflicts. To shield this from the guests, can be quite exhausting, and was in the end the reason for me move on. (but more on that in a later article).

In any case it take with me the idea to focus more on these aspects of flow and joy.  And for me, this idea also connects to a statement from the Bhagavagita, which provides, in substance, that one should do the work, but not attach to its fruits. This could be interpreted in a way that the activity itself is the value, and should be done with appropriate devotion. But I will think about it in peace during the next stage of my journey – when I go to Spain where I want to go a little deeper in my studies.

In the next part of this series of articles I am goig to continue  with reflections on hotel and family. Soon.

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