Working in the hotel (1) – the highlights

Coastal walk – the first highlight- Sunrise on the Bay of Adrasan

So many years I worked around this huge theme tourism – in applied research, as a project manager for education, public relations and regional development projects around the topic of social and environmental friendl tourism, and finally as an event manager for a major European conference. In parallel, always traveling a lot, experiencing with the lenses of a tourism expert- always a professional look. And yet all these years – I have always seen hotels as a guest and  never from the inside, from the side of those working in a hotel. When I got the opportunity last spring, to work in a small hotel on the Lycian coast (Turkey) and to take part in the guest services, I could not help but accept.

Finally, I worked three months in the hotel and gained an incredible amount of experience. A small selection of which I will present in a small series of articles. And the beginning – what could be more appropriate – are my personal highlights.
So many nice guests

The very best in the work was the direct contact with guests, mostly pleasant and intelligent guests. Many more women than men who came with a common desire: Once just relax for a few days only. It was always a pleasure to see the guest releasing more and more  from day to day, as they discovered the yoga, the sea, the nature, but also te contact with fellow travelers as a source of relaxation and inspiration. Many wept at parting, and said they had never relaxed so quickly and so well.


Coastal walk – later just sit and watch

First steps in burn-out prevention

I also had the opportunity make my the first steps in the field of burn-out prevention. Once a week there was a short introduction and later sometimes a mini-workshop, when there was more interest. The feedback was really positive and I was very encouraged to continue working in this direction. At the same time I also see the difficulty to deal with such a heavy topic during holidays. Many guests contacted me almost apologetically, pointing out that they actually desperately need input in this area, but could not motivate themselves to join, as they just wanted to relax in this short week and not to deal with problems. Of course I fully understood that.

P1000616 (Large)

Look – at the sea and more…

Once a week – coastal walk (including sunrise)

And then I could even do a weekly excursion – and that was a special joy. A morning walk, first to see the sunrise on the beach and then along the coast to the point where you see a small lighthouse and a lot of sea. Over time, I’ve adapted it and made it into a photo walk. With inputs how to arrange pictures and  peppered with thoughts about photography. The glowing eyes of the participants after these walks along a really beautiful coastline will stay with me for a longer time.

Yes – I had some really good experiences. But working in the hotel also helped me to gain some new insights – but more on that next time


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