Silent days in Agonda

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Cow at the beach

A small village on the coast of Goa – a Catholic church, small hotels on the beach with cabins, a few restaurants, private guesthouses. At the beach, more cows than people and more locals than tourists.

I’m accommodated in Simrose,  a nice place to arrive – in a breezy beach cottage overlooking the sea, with a mosquito net included.  At that moment I think, that the 1,000 rupees (about 15 €) I pay are very cheap. That will change in a few days later.

For me, the days are ideal for acclimatization. I practice yoga at the resort next door, hang out in cushion landscapes and read a lot. And the sea of course – the Arab by the way – I have not seen such waves for a long time. Swimming  is not really possible as they are really high. But one can well jumping along them. It’s also fun.

The best in Goa are the sunsets- as everyone tells me, because at almost all beaches the sun goes down over the sea. This considerably increases the pair density, as it seems to me. Accordingly, the beaches are very hot in the afternoon and have no shade.


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Sunset a la Goa

One afternoon I’m going to the busy neighboring beach Palolem, and I realize that I’ve made the right choice with the village of Agonda. But the bustling beach life there is also nice to visit.


Palolem Beach

Busz life in Palolem


A colorful mixture of Nations on the beach, cricket between umbrellas and cows, and restaurants with cuisine from around the world flock, a busy, yet peaceful atmosphere.
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Cricket in Palolem


In Palolem, I meet Wilson from Kerala. With him I’m driving for one day to secluded beaches – Turtle conservation areas where there are only restaurants but no accommodation. These beaches are calm, even lonely. Especially the second beach where the restaurants are hidden in a pine grove, is my favorite. And Wilson is not only a good guide but knows also about fish. With keen eye he chooses one, who will then be served Goan style with rice, dhal and salad. And we feast sort of into the sunset.


Fisch Goan Style

Fish Goan Style


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