Rupertikirtag – when Salzburg gets rural (Photostory)

The Rupertikirtag is a fair held annually to celebrate the birthday of St. Rupert, the patron and – as legend says – the founder of Salzburg.

At the  Rupertikirtag everything is traditional. The Dirndl (the traditional Austrian and Bavarian dress) density is as high as never before, the food is typical Bavarian hearty (not such a newfangled ethnic food, like at so many other festivals), and last but not least the fair is known for its beautiful old-fashioned fairground attractions – for example, a chairoplane from  1848, which is set up only once a year (see photo above).

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  1. They are not as impressive for art and thriosy as Venice or Rome, nor big lively word cities as Paris and London. They are anyway nice; I can’t remember much about Graz, which probably means it’s just a standard European city, but Innsbruck is lovely, and Salzburg is definitely beautiful. Apart from Vienna, they are quite small; anyway be prepared to walk. What I liked best of Austria were the scenery (Alps countryside) and the relaxed homely atmosphere.If you look at a map, or consider thriosy, Austria is closely connected to Eastern Europe, so it make sense to cover it in Eastern Europe tours.Eat tons of strudel for me!

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