Pomegranate time


Finally - the pomegranates are ripe

Greetings from the Lycian coast in Turkey.

Since I’ve been here in April for the first time this year (In total I’ve been in Turkey now for over four months) I look forward to the pomegranates. In spring, I admired the white flowers, and over the summer I could observe as the fruit slowly increased in size and color. Now they are finally ready and can be seen everywhere. On the trees, the markets or from the small traveling grocers. In many places, there is now the first fresh juice that is so intense that it’s clearly better to mix it with water or orange juice. And the almost black syrupy pomegranate vinegar is cooked all over. This fruit and its products have a taste and color explosion – a sheer delight.


And in the event that I ever find out how these little seeds can be brought out of the shell in a timesaving way, I am going to play around with it – maybe a pomegranate or orange marmalade or this great Persian meat dish with walnuts and pomegranate – yummie

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