India -midterm

Since almost 12 weeks I am now in India and before I am flying back from the north to the south  here’s a quick mid-term summary. The first two months I was  traveling in the south taking all my time , adjusting myself slowly to India – the cities and landscapes, the religiosity, the curiosity of the people and the big surprise that a woman travels alone. Christmas and New Year I spent in a secluded guest house reading a lot and doing nothing else than listening to and watching at the sea.

At the  beginning of January I took a  flight to the north. In Rajasthan, I met a friend and the last three weeks we were traveling as a couple. Rajasthan is different. Desert – cold nights, warm days when you are happy in the sun and not always on the lookout for the next shadow as in the south. The landscape dry but very green for a desert, with shrubs and trees. The cities – closely nested houses, , with many palaces and forts.

We do not travel slow but fast. With a travel partner, which has  only five weeks and not five months as I do, the velocity shifts. Now my head is full, my diaries still lacking back and my notebook filled with ideas for stories (not to mention the thousands of photos stored in my harddisk). There is much to tell and I hope that I am starting next week (when I’m alone again ) at least manage to return to the weekly rhythm for blog entries.
In the meantime, I have made a google map with the current itinerary.
Which is a bit confusing, but it is a good overview. (For tips and information about design of Google maps – for example by inserting arrows for direction of travel but also others hints  I would be very grateful.)


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