Flying a lot, saying goodbye and new shores

Looking back – Turkey under clouds


Sometimes I am not travelling slowly but really fast – almost in Warp drive. For example, the last few days. After more than five months in Turkey, I arrived on Saturday safe and sound in Vienna – by drizzling rain an just a few degrees above freezing.

The next day very early on a plane and jetted to Spain. There I am going to houasesiet from end of January for at least two months – a beautiful house with a large garden. A day later I was back in Vienna. And today straight to Salzburg – again only for two days.

… and forward. Spain I am coming (soon).


Now I am tired. Sitting in wet and cold Vienna and trying to handle all the impressions from the last days. I am already missing Turkey and try to find the energy for all the stuff I have to do.

The next month is a time of transition. I am going to dissolve my appartment in Salzburg (too expensive, as I am only using it for a few weeks per year), and in the same time built up a small base in Vienna, for a stopover between my trips to rest and for repacking.

With all this hustle and bustle I am happy to celebrate christmas with family and friends for the first time since quite some years – although the wet and cold weather is difficult for me. And here on this blog I am going to continue with reports from Turkey and elsewhere. Soon.

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