Bye Bye Getreidegasse (Salzburg) – Room with a view

After six months I am again for a few days in Salzburg – the city where I lived for the past five years, when I was not (like almost the whole last year) somewhere else travelling around. Now I say goodbye. In three weeks I will empty the appartment and I am here now with a mix of melancholy and relief.

I really loved to live here, but on the other side the habituality paralyses me. I look around in the apartment or I go out for a walk and I know everything. Also the view from my window, in my flat in the middle of the old town. There was also die idea to span a clothes line – right over the street – so that everybody can see, that there are still a few people living here. Well this can be done by my successor in the apartment.

In the meantime you can have a look at a few pictures I made directly from my window over the last years.







Rupertikirtag – when Salzburg gets rural (Photostory)

The Rupertikirtag is a fair held annually to celebrate the birthday of St. Rupert, the patron and – as legend says – the founder of Salzburg.

At the  Rupertikirtag everything is traditional. The Dirndl (the traditional Austrian and Bavarian dress) density is as high as never before, the food is typical Bavarian hearty (not such a newfangled ethnic food, like at so many other festivals), and last but not least the fair is known for its beautiful old-fashioned fairground attractions – for example, a chairoplane from  1848, which is set up only once a year (see photo above).

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P1000589 (Large)

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P1000563 (Large)

Salzburg Views from the Couch (1)

Via couchsurfing I receive visitors in Salzburg on a quite regular base.  We often discuss the main attractions of Salzburg or the main reasons to come. Most guests are either searching Mozart’s footprints or the search traces of “Sound of Music”. But still, I wanted to know, the main impressions of Salzburg. And therefore I started a new project. All my couchsurfing guests are asked to send my a few photos of Salzburg, and describe them in a short paragraph.

We start with Jason from Australia, who has been living in London for the last year, and has now started a five month Europe trip, before returning to Australia.  Here are his photos and the descriptions:

There are some windows in one of the chambers of the palace in Salzburg which are glazed with a polarising, pinkish plastic. I do not know why this is, but the city has a strange, dusky glow when photographed through these windows. It is not real, but interesting none

Fuschlsee and the surrounding countryside were so beautiful, but I could not seem to capture this on camera. This photo is the closest I could come; the mountains, woods, countryside and lake come together here and make a very peaceful scene.

If you look in the middle of the photo, you can see the palace and stretching out below the city area south of this hill. It is a beautifully located city with many wooded hills in and around the city which help you forget the crowds.

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