For every place to which I travel, there at least five others crossing my mind, where I want to go.



From November 2011 on, I travelled to India, and after returning I definitely knew, that travelling is my lifestyle. Slowly, without hurry and and often with longer stays at good places. I wrote more about that in this post.

Since summer 2012 I spend most of my time in Turkey. In Summer I work as a yoga teacher and do some help with touristic activities.

I love to be in nature. Mountains, Sea, jungle or desert, whenever I can be close to nature and spend a good amount of time outside I feel good and alive.

Tourism as profession
For years I’ve dealt professionally with social and environmental friendly tourism, which is very exciting, but no substitute for traveling. For many years I was traveling and hiking in the Alps and have made extended trips to Italy, France and Greece. Professionally, I am always traveling in various European cities, and mostly try to attach a sightseeing weekend. In 2004 I was for the first time in Thailand and Southeast Asia and I am totally hooked since.
Traveling slow means for me to spend enough  time in one place, not to rush from one attraction to the next but to explore regions unhurriedly and of course, to travel often by foot.
Yoga and more

In 2007 I started with yoga – out of a desire to be able to relax better. In the meantime – many workshops and yoga holidays later – I have also completed training as a yoga teacher and teach wherever I find an opportunity. Over the summer of 2011 I had the possibility to make an education in burn-out prevention, and I am  now linking Yoga with anti-burn-out training.

And otherwise I am one of those who are interested  simultaneously in (far too) many things. While increasingly all the people in my environment  specialize, my interests  increase further and further – in addition to travel, tourism and yoga this are at the moment : sociology (which I have also studied a long time ago), anthropology, photography, anatomy, philosophy, psychology, nutrition, blogging and social media, developing projects and much more —

I am looking forward to many readers and to your comments (and please excuse my poor English ;-))

My offers:

Project Development, Project Management – especially about tourism and regional development

Event Management: Development, planning and running of events – from seminars to big conferences, also organisation of trips (Nature, Hiking, Yoga), guest relationships in small hotels.

Burn-Out Prevention: Tips and resources not only to relax better, but also to identify the own stress and to find tools to prevent it.

Burn-Out andYoga: Yoga to reduce stress, exercises to tackle physical aspects of stress and office work, insights from Yoga Philsophy

Yoga und Wandern: Strenghtening and stretching of relevant muscles, compensation and awareness exercises, philosophical aspects.



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