5 Tips for Angkor Wat

Bayon Temple at sunset

The temples around Angkor Wat in Cambodia are among the world’s most important cultural assets. On the internet you can find many references to it as the 8th Wonder of the world and for many travelers these temples are the culmination of a trip to Southeast Asia.  Many of them are not aware of the scale of the temples, also that there is still quite  a population residing on site, most of whom are now living from tourism. With these tips the visit to Angkor Wat will be an even  more impressive experience.

1) Take your time

A day is not enough, and a weekly ticket might be a bit exaggerated. I recommend a three-day pass – but one which can be consumed within a week. This leaves time for other activities in between. After two days in the ruins – when the feeling comes up, that everything looks the same (keyword: ruined-out), a trip to the villages, or a day of doing nothing comes in handy. When purchasing the tickets, ask for the option of the three days spread over a week. It costs as much as a normal three-day ticket, but  is issued only on request.


Discover your inner Indiana Jones

The enchanted temple Ta Prohm


Take  enough time for each temple. A lot can be discovered only at a  second glance. On our first tour in the famous overgrown Ta Prohm temple, we were  disappointed, not only because there were so many people, but also because so much is fenced, and a few trees that encircle the ruins so beautiful are cut down. Additionally there are renovation works all over the aera.  Only when we went into  a quiet second round -walking without great expectations, everything is in flux, we wind ourselves through small cracks and collapsed buildings, which  are overgrown by trees.
2) Go by bike (and Tuk-Tuk)


Sleeping Tuk-Tuk driver

Our Tuk-Tuk driver shortens his waiting time with a nap


Anyone who is reasonably fit should at least rent a bike for a day (available in most guesthouses). This costs almost nothing and provides a good opportunity to be completely on your own and to look at the details on the roadside. The distance from the town of Siem Rap to the two main temples of Angkor Wat and Bayon is about 6km. The haunted temple Ta Phrom is still in good biking distance. The temples further away are reserved for those who are really fit. But you can hire a tuk tuk with driver (about $ 15 a day). Then more distant temples and even a sunrise or sunset is easier to achieve (also because driving in the dark without lights is not really recommended)

3) Time your visit!


The trick is to avoid the hordes, and simultaneously  have enough time to let the temples impress you – all this without a heat stroke. It’s a good idea to start early in the morning  from 7:00 to 9:30 -when most groups are still at breakfast. Also at noon, it is surprisingly quiet – but you have to be careful with the heat. And if there are too many people or too many ruins: there are enough secluded shady spots, sit down, watch the monkeys and let your spirits flow. This place has something very magical.
4) Take the right equipment with you


Steps at Angkor Temple

My travelmate Doris scrambles down the steep steps

Visits are often strenuous . More surprising than the heat  are the really  high and steep steps (I would think in Europe or even more in  America they would be locked because of imminent danger). Good shoes, a backpack and enough water are therefore  good helpers.

5) Do something different

Floating Village at Tonle Sap Lake

A visit at a floating village at Tonle Sap Lake


The surrounding area of Siem Reap has a lot to offer. I recommend taking a day off for example to have a look at the  “floating villages”. These are built on stilts in the nearby Tonle Sap lake and the people change according to season and water level between the stilted villages. A good insight into rural life, where fishery is the main source of subsistence. Further ideas for activities can be found  here.
And las but not least: Drink an Angkor beer! Where it would be more appropriate than here?


Angkor Wat

Angkor beer at Angkor Wat



  1. Stumbled your blog through your post in the Travel Blog Success Forum. Thanks for sharing this. . .got really nice information about Angkor Wat, one of the places I intend to visit in Southeast Asia.

    • I’m glad you enjoyed the post and I’m sure you are going to have a great time in Angkor Wat. Good luck with your travels….

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